Maintaining Data for Basic Pay


You enter basic pay data in the system as wage types. You can enter up to 20 wage types per employee and per specified period.

The settings you made in Customizing determine the wage types for Infotype 0008 Basic pay.

When you enter a wage type, the system performs a check for each employee to determine whether the wage type is valid. The check that is performed depends on the employee subgroup and personnel subareas assigned to the employee in the employee’s master data.

You perform wage type evaluation based on the settings in Customizing. You can evaluate wage types directly by entering the following information:

The system can evaluate wage types indirectly. When wage types are evaluated indirectly, you can overwrite the amount when you perform infotype maintenance.

Unlike directly-evaluated wage types, Infotype 0008 Basic pay displays, but does not save, the amount for indirectly-evaluated wage types. Indirectly-evaluated wage types are marked with an I.

To carry out an indirect evaluation, assign the employee a record from Infotype 0007 Planned working time.

The system calculates the total of all payments. All of the wage types which must be included in the total, according to the settings made in Customizing, are marked with an X in field A (addition to total).


  1. Choose the appropriate personnel event for the employee and the key dates.
  2. Accept all of the infotype defaults that precede Infotype 0008 Basic pay.
  3. Check the collective agreement data and, if necessary, change the assignment to a pay scale structure.
  4. Check the suggested wage types compared with the wage type model.
  5. Enter an amount for directly-evaluated wage types.
  6. If necessary, enter a number and a unit for indirectly-evaluated wage types.
  7. An indirectly-evaluated wage type may have, for example, an amount calculated as a percentage of the total of other wage types.

  8. If necessary, enter new wage types.
  9. You can enter up to 20 wage types per employee. If the settings made in Customizing determine that you can enter fewer than 20 wage types, the appropriate number of lines are displayed.

  10. If necessary, delete default wage types that are not required.
  11. Check the wage type total.
  12. The system displays a message if the customized settings determine that indirect evaluation is valid up to a date that comes before the end of the validity period for the record in Infotype 0008 Basic pay.

    In this instance, in the date field IndVal, you can enter the date up to which the indirect evaluation must be performed.

  13. Save your entries.
  14. Continue processing all of the subsequent default infotypes suggested by the personnel event.


The employee’s basic pay data is maintained.