Maintaining Data for Recurring Payments and Deductions

  1. Select Human resources ® Personnel administration ® HR master data ® Maintain.
  2. Enter the personnel number of the employee.
  3. In the field Infotype, enter 14 .
  4. Choose Create.
  5. In the field Valid from - to, enter a validity period for the recurring payment/deduction.
  6. In the field Wage type, enter the wage type that the employee is to receive as a recurring payment/deduction.
  7. To display a list of valid wage types, choose F4.

  8. If necessary, in the fields Amount and Number/unit., enter the wage type amount, number, and unit.
  9. The entries you make in the fields Amount and Number/unit depend on the selected wage type.

    An indirect valuation is performed for some wage types so that you need not specify either amount or number/unit.

    However, for some other wage types, you must enter an amount and a number/unit.

    In the view Wage Type Characteristics (V_T511), valid entries are defined for every wage type The system checks your entries and displays an error message if you make an incorrect entry.

  10. If necessary, in the fields First payment period and Interval in periods, enter the first and then all subsequent periods in which recurring payments/deductions are to be made.
  11. If you want to display valid entries and examples, choose F1.

  12. If necessary, in the fields First payment date and Interval/unit, enter the date on which the first payment is to be made and the interval in which all subsequent payments are to be made.
  13. If you want to display valid entries and examples, choose F1.

    Entries in the following fields provide alternative options:

    – First payment period

    – Interval in periods

    – First payment date

    – Interval/unit

    Therefore, if you enter a first payment period and an interval in periods, then you cannot enter a first payment date and an interval or unit.

  14. Save your entries.


A recurring payment or deduction is created for the employee you selected.

Different Account Assignment

Infotype 0001 Organizational assignment allows you to assign employees to the following categories:

However, you can define an assignment for recurring payments and deductions which is different to the assignment in Infotype 0001. This means that a cost center other than the master cost center deals with recurring payments and deductions.


Specifying a Different Account Assignment

  1. Select Goto ® Cost assignment.
  2. Specify your assignment data in the cost assignment dialog box.
  3. Choose Execute.


An account assignment is created for recurring payments/deductions other than that defined in Infotype 0001 Organizational assignment.

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