Adding an Employee's Marriage Bonus: An Example


This example features an employee, married on June 10 1997, who is entitled to receive a marriage bonus of 60000 Yen in the June monthly payroll. You must maintain the Additional Payments Infotype to provide this bonus.


  1. Select Human resources ® Personnel administration ® HR master data ® Change.
  2. Enter the personnel number of the employee.
  3. In the Infotype field, enter 15 .
  4. Choose Create.
  5. In the field Wage type, enter M002 .
  6. This is the wage type for marriage bonus.

  7. In the field Amount, enter 60000 .
  8. In the field Date of origin, enter 1997.06.10 .
  9. Save your entries.


The employee’s marriage bonus is created.