SYOYO Amount Calculation


The SYOYO amount calculation report program calculates an employee's SYOYO amount based on settings in Customizing and on master data in the following infotypes:

The program also generates a batch input session to update Infotype 0015 for each selected employee.


Formula for Calculating the SYOYO Amount

The SYOYO amount calculation report program calculates the SYOYO amount using the following basic formula:

SYOYO amount = <Total of individual basis wage>

x <Payment factor per pay scale>

x <Factor per personal appraisal>

x <Reduction rate from attendance record>

In this formula, you can customize the following variables:

Wage types which are used as basis of SYOYO amount calculation

You can specify the payment factor for each pay scale and use it as a multiplying factor.

For each appraisal criteria that you enter in Infotype 0147 for an employee, you can set the multiplying factor.

You can enter the reduction rate in Infotype 0147 for each employee.

For information on customizing calculation formulas, refer to the Implementation Guide (IMG) for Bonus Payment.

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