Calculating an Employee's SYOYO Amount: An Example


In this procedure, periodical SYOYO for an employee is paid on June 10 1997, for the SYOYO period between October 1 1996 and March 31 1997.


  1. In Customizing, set an appropriate table and feature.
  2. For further information, refer to the Implementation Guide (IMG) for Bonus Payment.

  3. In the field atte. rate, enter the reduction rate.
  4. In the field Final appraisals, enter the value from Infotype 0147 Personnel Appraisals.
  5. Run report program RPLxxxJ0 from the transaction SA38.
  6. Enter the employee number in the field on the selection screen of the report.
  7. Enter the following data:
  8. Person selection period: 1997.06.10

    SYOYO base amount get date: 1997.03.31

    SYOYO Payroll area : J0

    SYOYO Pay date: 1997.06.10

  9. Run the program and check the calculated results on screen.
  10. To generate a batch input session, choose Batch input.
  11. End the report program.
  12. To execute batch input session RPLxxxJ0, choose System ® Service ® Batch input ® Edit.


A SYOYO amount is calculated and payment is created for the selected employee.