Calculating the Retirement Allowance Amount


The Retirement allowance amount calculation report program calculates employee's retirement allowance amount based on customizing setups and employee’s master data and generates the batch input session to update each selected employees' Infotype 0015 Additional Payments.

Calculating Retirement Allowance Amount for an Employee

  1. Run report program RPLRLSJ0 from the transaction SA38.
  2. Enter the employee number.
  3. If necessary, make entries in the following fields:
  4. – Retirement Amunt difference

    In this field, you enter the difference between the last retirement allowance amount and the current retirement allowance amount.

    – Retirement Amunt Pay Date

    This field contains the default value for the retirement allowance pay day.

  5. Run the report program and output the retiree list.
  6. Confirm the retiree list.
  7. Push the button on the left end of row and choose employee for retirement allowance amount calculation.
  8. Choose Ret. calculation and output the Retirement Allowance Amount List (details).
  9. Check the results of the Retirement Allowance Amount List (details).
  10. If necessary, adjust the information in the following fields:
  11. – Service years

    Modify the service year. The service year is used as part of the key to obtain the reduction rate and the payment factor for the pay scale

    – Amount of adjustment

    Enter the adjustment amount in the field Ret. Amt.

    – Point

    Enter the accumulation point.

  12. In the field Tot.AMT, to confirm the amount, choose Enter.
  13. In the retiree list, confirm the field Retirement Amount.
  14. Choose Batch Input.
  15. The batch input session is generated.

  16. Choose Log report and, if necessary, print out the log report.
  17. End the report program.
  18. To execute batch input session RPLRLSJ0, choose System ® Service ® Batch input ® Edit.



A retirement allowance amount is calculated and payment is created for the selected



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