Calculating an Employee's Retirement Allowance Amount: An Example


In this procedure, retirement allowance is to be paid on October 25 1998 to an employee who retired on October 20 1998. The retirement allowance amount is calculated using the formula based on the employee’s total points.


  1. Execute and complete the employee’s retirement event processing.
  2. Run the report program RPLRLSJ0 from the transaction SA38.
  3. Enter the employee number and the following parameters:
  4. – In the field Retirement Amount difference, enter X .

    In the field Retirement Amount Pay Date, enter 1998.10.25 .

  5. Execute the report program.
  6. Retirees are listed on the screen.

  7. Check the retiree list.
  8. Push the button on the left end of row and choose employee for retirement allowance amount calculation.
  9. To output the Retirement Allowance Amount List (details), choose Ret. calculation.
  10. Check the results of the Retirement Allowance Amount List (details) and enter the following parameters:
  11. – In the field Service years, enter 25 .

    – In the field Amount of adjustment, enter 100,00l .

    – In the field Point, enter 150.00 .

  12. In the field Tot.AMT, confirm the amount and choose Enter.
  13. In the retiree list, confirm the field Retirement Amount.
  14. Choose Batch Input.
  15. The batch input session is generated.

  16. To print out the log report, choose Log report.
  17. End the report program.
  18. To execute batch input session RPLRLSJ0, choose System ® Service ® Batch input ® Edit.


A retirement allowance amount is calculated and payment is created for the selected employee.