Maintaining Data for Retirement Allowance


Retirement allowance constitutes additional wage elements which are accounted only once, on a specified date, which you determine when you create the retirement allowance.

Defining a Retirement Allowance for an Employee

  1. Select Human resources ® Personnel administration ® HR master data ® Maintain.
  2. Enter the personnel number of the employee.
  3. In the Infotype field, enter 15 .
  4. Choose Create.
  5. In the Wage type field, enter the wage type which the employee is to receive as a retirement allowance.
  6. If you want to display a list of valid wage types, choose F4.

  7. If necessary, in the fields Amount and Number/unit, enter the wage type amount, number, and unit.
  8. The entries you make in the fields Amount and Number/unit depend on the selected wage type.

    An indirect evaluation is performed for some wage types so that you do not need to enter the amount or the number/unit.

    However, for some other wage types, you must enter an amount and a number/unit.

    In the view Wage Type Characteristics (V_T511), valid entries are defined for every wage type The system checks your entries and displays an error message if you make an incorrect entry.

  9. In the field Date of origin, enter the date on which the retirement allowance is to be accounted for.
  10. The system uses the last day of the current payroll period, in the payroll control record, as a default value.

    Make sure that the date the system displays, and the date that you entered, is actually the pay day of a retirement allowance. This date is important when you execute the Off-cycle payroll process.

    You should make an entry in the field Date of origin and not in the field Default date.

  11. Save your entries.


A Retirement Allowance is created for the selected employee.

Assigning a Different Account


Infotype 0001 Organizational assignment allows you to assign employees to the following categories:

However, you can choose to define an assignment for additional payments which is different to the assignment in Infotype 0001. This means that additional payments can affect a cost center other than the master cost center.


  1. Select Goto ® Cost assignment.
  2. In the cost assignment dialog box, enter your assignment data.
  3. Choose Execute.


An account assignment is created for additional payments other than that defined in Infotype 0001 Organizational assignment.

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