Creating an Employee's Social Insurance Premium for Hiring: An Example


The following procedure uses the example of an employee joining a company on April 1, 1998 with an estimated compensation of 200,000 Yen.


  1. Enter 1998/04/01 as the begin date for the employee’s personnel number and choose Hiring.
  2. Process all infotypes set as default values of Hiring until Infotype 0141 Social Insurance Premium Data subtype1 Health Insurance is displayed. (The explanation of creating further infotypes affected by hiring are omitted.)
  3. Enter 200,000 as estimated amount for monthly compensation.
  4. Save the entries.
  5. The input screen of infotype Social Insurance Premium Data 0141subtype 2 Employee’s pension is displayed.
  6. Enter 200,000 as the estimated amount for monthly compensation.
  7. Save the entries.


Social insurance premium is created for the employee.