Registering an Employee's Pension Fund Status via Fast Data Entry


  1. Choose Human Resources ® Personnel management ® Administration ® HR Master Data ® Fast entry.
  2. In the infotype field, enter 0140 subtype 3.
  3. When the selection of the employee is necessary, the selection report is specified with report name RPLFSTJ1 at the personnel number specification.
  4. Choose Using Default or Create.
  5. When report RPLFSTJ1 is specified, the selection screen is displayed. When the key which selects the employee is input and is executed, the list for the selected employee is displayed.
  6. To specify a default value, choose Using Default. Choose Create if not necessary.
  7. When Using Default is selected, the input screen is displayed. Enter a common value for the employee in an appropriate field and continue.
  8. The entry of list form for the selected employee is displayed. Please refer to Pension insurance information since the entry fields are not different.
  9. Save the entries.


The status of pension fund is registered for the selected employees.

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