Registering an Employee's Pension Fund Status: An Example



The following procedure uses the example of an employee joining a company on April 1, 1998.


  1. Choose Human Resources ® Personnel management ® Administration ® HR Master Data ® fast data entry.
  2. Enter Infotype 0140 subtype 3.
  3. Specify RPLFSTJ1 as the selection report at the personnel number specification.
  4. Choose Using Default.
  5. The selection screen is displayed.

  6. In the Entry Date field, enter 1998/04/01.
  7. A list of the employees who joined the company on April 1, 1998 is displayed.

  8. Choose Using Default.
  9. Enter the following values for the employee:
  10. · 1998/04/01 for the begin date

    · 1 (Ippan) for the social insurance

    · 1 (Acquired) for the Acquired/Lost indicator

    · 2 (Shin) for the Acquired/Lost reason indicator.

  11. Enter the insurance number of the employee.
  12. Save the entries.


The status of pension fund is created for the selected employees.