Defining an Employee's Employment Insurance Information


  1. Choose Human Resources ® Personnel management ® Administration ® HR Master Data ® Maintain.
  2. Enter the employee’s personnel number.
  3. Enter Infotype 0140 subtype 4.
  4. Choose Create.
  5. Enter an effective begin date.
  6. Enter the insurance status indicators, from the following list, that apply to the employee:
  7. – 0 Taisyougai

    – 1 Ippan

    – 2 I(kourei)

    – 3 Tanki

    – 4 T(Kourei)

    – 5 Exec.Worker

    – 6 E(Kourei)

  8. Enter the insurance number for the employee.
  9. If you do not know the insurance number yet, you can enter it later.

  10. Enter the Acquired/Lost indicator from the following list:
  11. – 0: Others

    Use this indicator when the SI exemption modifier is set.

    – 1: Acquired

    Use this indicator when an employee joins health insurance.

    – 2: Lost

    Use this indicator if the employee is no longer eligible for unemployment insurance.

    – 3: Change (lost and acquisition)

    Use this indicator when the public employment security office of jurisdiction changes.

    – 4: ID change (apply unnecessary)

    Use this indicator when there is an indicator change which you do not have to report to the public employment security office.

    – 5: Non-member

    Use this indicator when the employee is not an unemployment insurance member.

  12. Enter the Acquired/Lost reason.
  13. See table HR Indicator SI Insured JPN, HR Social Insurance Entitlement Acquired/Lost JPN for possible entries of acquisition, the lost indicator, and the reason indicator.

  14. Save the entries.


The unemployment insurance information is created for a selected employee.

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