Defining an Employee's Individual Tax Status Information


  1. Enter the begin date for the employee and choose Hiring.
  2. Display all infotypes set as default values of the event, until Infotype 0145 Income Tax is displayed.
  3. Enter one of the following tax table indicators for the employee:
  4. – 1: Kouran

    – 2: Otsuran

  5. Enter one of the following indicators for the employee’s Year-End Adjustment (YEA) status:
  6. – 1: Normal YEA

    The YEA for the employee is processed.

    – 2: Without YEA

    The YEA for the employee is not processed. Enter a corresponding indicator, if the YEA is not processed when retiring.

  7. If the disaster victim indicator and non-resident indicator are specified in the employee's status, the YEA is not processed.
  8. Enter the appropriate indicators to the employee’s tax deduction.
  9. For possible entries, please refer to the table view Amount for Income Tax Deduction.

  10. When you choose Hiring, you do not have to enter Reason for transfer or Method of collection indicators for residence tax information. For an explanation of entries in these fields, refer to the outline of the official tax address and residence tax.
  11. Save the entries.


Personnel tax status information is created for the employee.

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