Defining an Employee's Family Data


  1. Choose Human Resources ® Personnel management ® Administration ® HR Master Data ® Maintain.
  2. Enter the employee’s personnel number.
  3. Enter Infotype 0148 and an appropriate subtype.
  4. Choose Copy.
  5. Enter the date from which the data is valid.
  6. If you entered child (subtype =2), enter the object type.
  7. Enter the family name and other details, as appropriate.
  8. Enter the relevant indicators for family dependency information from the following list:
  9. – Dependent

    – Live with

    – Handicap

    – Old person

    For possible entries, refer to the table view Amount of Family Dependent Tax.

  10. To specify the family’s dependency status for Year-End Adjustment, enter the following indicators.
  11. – Y.E.A dependency indicator:

    Use this indicator when an employee's family member dies or leaves the country, to indicate if this event needs to be considered in YEA.

    – Reason:

    When you enter Yes in the YEA indicator, enter the reason here. Use the following codes:

    – 01 non-resident

    – 02 deceased

    These reason codes are reserved by the system and cannot be changed.

    A record is added for family changes with effective begin date when the change occurs. However, change the corresponding indicator and change the end date of validity period in the case of a family death or divorce. (Without adding a new record, the family data ends on the date when the change was generated)

  12. When the employee is eligible for family allowance, Yes is specified for the family allowance 000
  13. Save the entries.


Family data is created for the employee.

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