Adding an Employee's Residence Tax Amount: An Example


The following procedure uses the example of residence data entered in the year 1996, when a special tax reduction was applied to residence tax. Therefore, it is necessary to create a special entry.


  1. Choose Human Resources ® Personnel management ® Administration ® HR Master Data ® Maintain.
  2. Enter the employee’s personnel number.
  3. In the infotype field, enter 0142 .
  4. The following information is displayed:

    · 1996/06/01, for the initial start date of the validity period

    · 1997/05/31, for the initial end date of the validity period

    · 1996, for the tax year

    · The tax address, as recorded in infotype Addresses subtype J1 Official (tax) address on January 1, 1996

    · Municipal city code

    · Company number (for collecting residence tax)

  5. Enter 1996/07/01 as the date from which the special tax reduction is valid.
  6. Enter 20,000 yen as the amount for the first monthly tax payment and for subsequent monthly tax payments.
  7. Usually, the amount for the first monthly of tax payment is different to the amount for subsequent months.

  8. Enter the first payroll period. Change the default value from 6 to 7. The default value is 6 because the deduction from the payroll usually begins in June.
  9. Save the entries.


The residence tax information for the employee is created.