Maintaining an Employee's Tax Status Information for Residence Tax


Data for residence tax, which remains uncollected when an employee takes leave or retires, is controlled by Infotype 0145 Personnel Tax status information.

When an employee retires or takes leave, the method of collecting remainder amount of residence tax of the year depends on payment methode which the employee chooses. However, for the processing of retirement allowance calculation, you use the same process as for entering personnel tax status information.

Personnel tax status information is controlled with Infotype 0145. Although you can use the menu to maintain the data, SAP recommends that you perform a personnel event instead, as this is the only way to ensure that a history of personnel tax status is saved.


  1. Enter the official begin date for the employee and choose leave or retirement.
  2. When you choose retirement, the start date is set to the date that you entered.

  3. Display all infotypes set as default values for the event until Infotype 0145 Personnel Tax Status is displayed.
  4. Enter an appropriate value for reason and status of residence tax information in the tax status information infotype.
  5. Save the entries.

When you choose 2 as the method of collection, the amount of uncollected residence tax is calculated. The result of this calculation is displayed in Infotype 0015 Additional payments.

Confirm the wagetype, an amount of money and an effective date of Infotype 0015 Additional payments and save it. When the entry is done before the Payroll calculation is executed, the amount without the residence tax of executed month is displayed as an amount of the uncollected residence tax.


The amount of uncollected residence tax is stored as personnel tax status information and additional payment information.

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