Adding an Employee’s Tax Status Information for Residence Tax: An Example


The following procedure uses the example of an employee’s retirement on December 31, 1997.


  1. Enter 1997/12/31 for the employee’s personnel number and choose Retirement.
  2. Display all infotypes set as default values for the event until Infotype 0145 Personnel Tax status information is displayed.
  3. Enter 1 Retirement for reason and 2 Collected at once for method of collection.
  4. Save the entries.
  5. Because 2 is the chosen method of collection, the amount of uncollected residence tax is calculated and the results are displayed in Infotype 0015 Additional payments, as follows:

    · Wagetype P452

    · An amount of money

    · Date of origin that follows the effective begin date.

  6. Save your entries.


The amount of uncollected residence tax is stored as personnel tax status information and additional payment information.