Recurring Payments and Deductions


Employee deductions are controlled in Infotype 0014 Recurring Payments and Deductions - using the wagetype field. Deductions are calculated from the Payroll and SYOYO calculation, based on the data that you enter and on the wagetype definition.


You must maintain the data in the following fields to calculate employee deductions accurately:

In the wagetype, the type of the deduction field, the method of the data maintenance etc. are defined. For instance, if you want to deduct the fees connected to a purchase of in-house stocks, it is possible to control the entered number of stocks, unit prices and the deduction intervals etc. by this wagetype. Moreover, the maximum and minimum amount of the employee s deduction can be specified.

To define the begin date for deductions, there are the methods of direct entry, display of the payment date of the Payroll period or display the expiration date of the infotype monitoring of dates.

It is necessary to define the deduction interval in order to deduct at the correct date. In this field, you can define the deduction interval by entering the payment interval or by entering the payment period.

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