Maintaining an Employee's Life Insurance Information


Life and injury insurance information is controlled by Infotype 0143 Life Insurance Deductions. The deduction of the common insurance and injury insurance through a company is calculated in the Payroll and SYOYO calculation, based on information that you enter. Private life insurance and injury insurance are not controlled by Infotype 0143.

The following subtypes of Infotype 0143 are defined:

The Common insurance through company data and the Personal pension through company data are recognized as life insurance and the Injury insurance through company data is recognized as injury insurance.


  1. Choose Human Resources ® Personnel Administration ® HR Master Data ® Create/Change.
  2. Enter the employee s personnel number.
  3. In the infotype field, enter 0143 and an appropriate subtype.
  4. Choose Create.
  5. In the effective begin date field, enter the begin date for the validity term of the Life Insurance deduction.
  6. Enter the object ID to differentiate the insurance contract in the same subtype.
  7. Enter the insurance company code.
  8. If the insurance company code does not exist, refer to the Implementation Guide (IMG) for Definition of insurance company codes or Definition of insurance company- /type code.

  9. Enter the insurance number.
  10. Enter the transfer amount of monthly Payroll and SYOYO. To specify a temporary interruption of the contract, enter 0 as amount. Continue, even if a warning is displayed.
  11. If necessary, enter the date of the contract.
  12. The insurance contract type field is displayed only when you specify 0005 Injury insurance through company as the subtype. You can total each type of injury insurance in the following reports by entering the contract type:
  13. The report Life/Non-Life Insurance Deduction List (Payroll) and Life/Non-Life Insurance Deduction List (SYOYO) will summarize insurance companies and insurance contract types in case of injury insurance.

  14. You can store the period of deductions by years, if necessary.
  15. The data mentioned in step 10.), 12.) does not refer to Payroll and SYOYO calculation.

  16. Save the entries.


The Life Insurance deduction for the employee is processed.

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