Adding an Employee's Life Insurance

The following procedure uses the example of an employee joining common insurance through a company on May 1, 1997, with monthly pay of 15,000 Yen and 30,000 Yen for SYOYO.

To add employee's life insurance, proceed as follows:

  1. Choose Human Resources ® Personnel Administration ® HR Master Data ® Create/Change.
  2. Enter the employee s personnel number.
  3. In the infotype field, enter 0143 and subtype 0001
  4. In the effective begin date field, enter 1997/05/01 .
  5. In the Object ID field, enter 01 as the key that controls the contract.
  6. In the Insurance company code field, enter an appropriate insurance company code.
  7. In the Insurance number field, enter the insurance contract number.
  8. Enter the amount of 15,000 into Amount of deduction monthly and 30,000 into Amount SYOYO.
  9. Enter 1997/05/01 as the contract date.
  10. Save the entries.


The life insurance information for the employee is processed.