Maintaining an Employee's Property Accumulation Savings


Basic contract information for the deduction of property accumulation savings is controlled by Infotype 0144 Property Accumulation Savings. The deduction of an employee s property accumulation savings is calculated in the Payroll and SYOYO calculation, based on information that you enter.

The following subtypes of Infotype 0144 are defined:

The common property accumulations savings may have plural contracts in the same period, but other property accumulation savings may not. The classification of plural contracts is controlled by the corresponding indicator.


  1. Choose Human Resources ® Personnel Administration ® HR Master Data ® Create/Change.
  2. Enter the employee s personnel number.
  3. In the infotype field, enter 0144 and an appropriate subtype.
  4. Choose Create.
  5. In the effective begin date field, enter the begin date for the validity term of the property accumulation savings.
  6. For common property accumulation savings, enter the indicator as a key that differentiates the contract of the employee s property accumulation savings in the same subtype.
  7. Enter the bank number.
  8. Use the number for the bank that handles the employee s property accumulation savings deposit. If the bank number is not available, refer to the Implementation Guide (IMG) for savings contract bank number. Also refer to the IMG for bank definitions and enter the bank number according to the table. You cannot enter banks that are not stored in the FI system.

  9. The amount of savings entered is separated from the amount of savings from Payroll and SYOYO calculations. To specify a temporary interruption of the contract, enter the amount of 0 and continue even if a warning is displayed.
  10. Save the entries.


The property accumulation savings for the employee are created.

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