Correcting Master Data


If personnel numbers are rejected or not selected during the payroll run, you must correct master data and time data in the appropriate infotypes.


  1. Choose Environment ® Master data ® Maintain.
  2. This takes you to the maintenance transaction for personnel master data.

  3. Correct data in the appropriate infotypes.
  4. Release the payroll again (please refer to Releasing payroll).
  5. Start the payroll again (please refer to Starting payroll) and enter matchcode W in the field Personnel number: =W.1.
  6. Check the payroll log again to see whether there are any more rejected personnel numbers.



Personnel master data is corrected.

You must continue to correct master data until payroll accounting is performed for all personnel numbers and matchcode W is empty. Do not exit the payroll program until there are no personnel numbers in matchcode W. Exiting the payroll program causes the payroll period for the respective payroll accounting area and the current year to be incremented in the payroll control record. This means that payroll accounting is finished for all of the personnel numbers in the payroll accounting area, including the rejected personnel numbers, and the payroll period is complete.