Simulating the Regular SYOYO Payroll Run


A payroll simulation mimics the actual results of a payroll run without locking records or effecting actual data.


  1. Choose Human resources ® Payroll. You see the payroll options screen.
  2. You must specify the personnel country grouping and payroll accounting area for which the simulated payroll run will be performed.

  3. Specify the personnel country grouping and payroll accounting area. You can preset the personnel country grouping and payroll accounting area when entering your user parameters, in which case you are no longer required to specify the personnel country grouping.
  4. Choose Off-cycle ® SYOYO. You see the SYOYO payroll options screen.
  5. Choose SYOYO ® Simulation. You see the payroll options screen.
  6. The Pay period fields (payroll accounting area/PP/YYYY) are not used in the SYOYO payroll. In the Off-cycle payroll, specifying the payroll accounting area, which indicates the accounting period, does not have any meaning. Field Payment day should be used instead.

  7. Specify an individual personnel number or range of personnel numbers in the field Personnel number.
  8. Specify an individual payroll area or range of payroll areas in the field Payroll accounting area.
  9. If you use both the Personnel number and the Payroll accounting area fields, only the employees that match the values in both fields are selected. Enhanced selection options are available for the fields Personnel number and Payroll accounting area. Please see the description of the standard selection screen.

  10. Field Special Run should be used only with Off-Cycle payroll accounting. For the rightmost field specify A (any other value is not currently supported). For the second field specify S, which indicates regular SYOYO. These two fields are normally preset, when SYOYO processing is selected from the SYOYO menu screen. For the third field, specify the Payment day.
  11. The field Retroactive accounting date is not used in SYOYO payroll accounting.

    Setting parameter Test run which appears in the field Program options, ensures that the results of the payroll run are not saved. In other words, parameter Test run must always be set for a simulated payroll run.

  12. Choose Program ® Execute. A log is displayed when the regular SYOYO payroll run is complete.
  13. Use the log to check that the results of the simulated regular SYOYO payroll run are correct and that employees were not rejected.
  14. If necessary, change master data entries for rejected employees and simulate the regular SYOYO payroll run again.

The System stores employees rejected by the payroll run in a separate list (matchcode W). If you want to perform a second simulation run just for the employees rejected by the first simulation run, please start the payroll program using matchcode W. Enter ‘=W.1’ in the Personnel number field.


The regular SYOYO payroll run is simulated.