Checking Payroll Status for Non-Periodical SYOYO


A Non-periodical SYOYO payroll run cannot be performed until the Non-periodical payroll has been closed. This means that payroll status must be End of Payroll.

Non-periodical SYOYO payroll is only possible for those selected employees that pertain to a payroll accounting area which have been closed. You must check that the status of related payroll accounting area is End of Payroll before performing a Non-periodical SYOYO payroll run.


  1. Choose Human resources ® Payroll. You see the payroll options screen.
  2. You must specify the personnel country grouping and payroll accounting area for which the simulated payroll run will be performed.

  3. Specify the personnel country grouping and payroll accounting area. You can preset the personnel country grouping and payroll accounting area when entering your user parameters, in which case you are no longer required to specify the personnel country grouping.
  4. Choose Off-cycle ® SYOYO. You see the SYOYO payroll options screen.
  5. Choose Tools ® Control record. You see the payroll accounting area selection screen.
  6. Specify the payroll accounting area for which you want to check the status, and choose Select. The control record for the payroll accounting area selected is displayed and you can then check its status.

If necessary, release the corresponding payroll accounting areas. For information on releasing payroll accounting areas refer to section Payroll Activities.


The payroll area is checked