Checking the Non-Periodical SYOYO Payroll Results


The System enables you to perform a detailed check of the payroll results. The System includes a report which reads the payroll results stored in the database. This report displays the contents of each internal table in which the payroll results of every employee are stored. This facilitates a precise examination of every individual result within the payroll run, enabling you to establish exactly where the error occurred.


  1. Choose Tools ® Payroll result.
  2. Specify an individual personnel number or range of personnel numbers in the field Personnel number.
  3. Enter the period for which data and employees must be selected in the field Period for for-periods.
  4. Specify an individual status indicator or a range of status indicators in the field Status indicator.
  5. Set the parameter List of payroll records. If you set this parameter, the system displays a list for each personnel number of payroll periods for which payroll results exists. You can then use this overview to display individual payroll results. The parameter should always be set.
  6. If necessary, set the parameter Choose individual tables.
  7. This parameter, which can only be set if the parameter List payroll records has also been set, creates an overview of all internal tables when a payroll result is displayed for a personnel number and a payroll period. You can then use the overview to check the contents of individual tables. The parameter should always be set.

  8. Choose Program ® Execute or alternatively Program ® Execute + print. If you set the parameter List of payroll records, a list of all existing payroll results is displayed. The list is structured by personnel number and period.
  9. Select the payroll record you want to check by positioning the cursor on the corresponding record.
  10. Select Choose. If you set the parameter Choose individual tables, an overview is displayed of all internal payroll tables in which payroll results are stored.
  11. Select the table whose contents you want to check.
  12. Select Choose.


The contents of the required table are displayed.

If you want to return to the list of payroll records, use the function key List payroll results.