Setting Check Payroll Results Status for Y.E.A. with Monthly Payroll


The System enables you to perform a detailed check of the payroll results. The System includes a report which reads the payroll results stored in the database. This report displays the contents of each internal table in which the payroll results of every employee are stored. This facilitates a precise examination of every individual result within the payroll run, enabling you to establish exactly where the error occurred.

It is a good idea to freeze the current payroll status before starting the above report. This prevents a new payroll run from being executed and also makes it impossible to change master data which is relevant to payroll accounting. To freeze the payroll status, set the system to status Check payroll results.


1. Select Human resources ® Payroll.

2. Select Payroll ® Check result.


The Check Payroll Results option is activated.

Setting the status to Check result locks the payroll program and prevents master data relevant to payroll accounting from being maintained.

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