Creating Remuneration Statements for Y.E.A. with Monthly Payroll


Remuneration statements are used to list all of the payments and deductions made for an employee during a payroll run in a simple, reader-friendly format.


  1. Select Year-end adj ® Pay slip ® Pay Slip.
  2. Specify the payroll accounting area, period and year in the fields Pay period (payroll area/PP/YYYY).
  3. At this point, the payroll accounting area is only used to determine the period, not to select personnel numbers. The system provides default values taken from the payroll control record which you can, of course, overwrite.

  4. Specify an individual personnel number or range of personnel numbers in the field Personnel number.
  5. Specify an individual payroll area or range of payroll areas in the field Payroll accounting area.
  6. If you use both the Personnel number and the Payroll accounting area fields, only the employees that match the values in both fields are selected. Enhanced selection options are available for the fields Personnel number and Payroll accounting area. Please see the description of the standard selection screen.

  7. Enter the name of the form set up in the customizing system in the field Form name. If you want to display a list of possible entries, press F4.
  8. If you set the field Type of list, it is possible to display more than one employee per form. Likewise, using field Number of details, allows you to specify the number of copies of the statement you want to print. Field Number of details can only be used if field Type of list is also set. The above specifications are preset when you use the menu path Year-end adj ® Pay slip ® Pay Slip.

  9. Select Program ® Execute.


A remuneration statement is created.