Creating Transfer Medium for Y.E.A. with SYOYO


  1. Select Year- end adj. ® Bank Transfer ® Create DME.
  2. Specify the payment run date and the appropriate identification feature in the fields Program run date and Identification feature.
  3. In the previous step, you created a file which was then saved under a program run date and identification feature. Please enter the same program run date and identification feature in these fields to access the file you created.

  4. If necessary, set a flag for the field Only proposal run.
  5. Specify the paying company code and, if necessary, the sending company code in the fields Company code selection. If you do not specify a paying company code, the system uses a company code in accordance with the settings made in the customizing system.
  6. Specify the permitted Payment methods, Payment method supplements, House bank, Account ID and Currency key in the fields Further selections.
  7. If you do not make any entries in this field, the system uses the appropriate information from the master data or customizing settings. Enhanced selection options are available for the above fields. Please refer to The report selection screen in the HR System.

  8. Set the parameter Data medium exchange.
  9. If necessary, set the parameters Issue payment advises and Print payment summary.
  10. Use the fields On printers to specify the printers you want to use.
  11. If necessary, set the parameter Print immediately which ensures that the required printouts are created as soon as the program is run.
  12. If necessary, specify a name (which you are free to define as you choose) for the data medium in the field File name (for DME).
  13. If necessary, set the parameters Texts in recipient's lang. and Currency in ISO code. The system provides default values for the remaining fields under the header Output control. You are not usually required to make entries in these fields.
  14. Select Program ® Execute.


The transfer medium is created.

Selected forms for which the parameter Print immediately was not set and for which no printer was specified must be released individually for printing or be written to the spool. Once the program has been executed, the system queries each print order on an individual basis.

If you set the parameter Data medium exchange, an overview of all the files created for the data medium exchange is displayed once printing is complete. These files can be identified by DME file (TemSe) and a code for the bank that received the payment. If you want to copy the files created in this way to a data medium or your local hard drive, please proceed as follows:

  1. Use the cursor to select the line containing the required file.
  2. Select System ® List ® Download.
  3. Specify the format in which the list must be saved.
  4. Specify a drive, path and name of your choice for the file you wish to save.
  5. Select Transfer, which causes the system to copy the selected file in accordance with your instructions.