Creating a Payroll Journal


The System enables you to create payroll journals for your employees. Payroll journals consist of tables containing payroll data for several employees for one payroll period.


  1. Select Lists/statistics ® Payroll journal.
  2. Specify the payroll accounting area, period and year in the fields Pay period (Payroll area/PP/YYYY).
  3. Enter a range in the field Personnel number or an individual number or range in the field Payroll area.
  4. If you fill both fields, a personnel number that exists several times in the value set is selected just once.
    Enhanced selection options are available for the fields Personnel number and Payroll area. Please refer to The report selection screen in the HR System.

    For regular payroll run, you need not to specify the fields Special run. The fields Special run are used only for Off-cycle payroll.

  5. Enter the name of the form you set up in the customizing system in the field Page header, Continuation parameter, Form for Employee data excerpt, and Form for Tatal block.
  6. If necessary, change the default values in the field WTs without work center split and Only totaling required.
  7. If necessary, change the default values in the field Delimitation sequence.
  8. Select Program ® Execute.


The employee payroll journal is created.