Residence Tax Payment Data



In this paragraph you will learn which steps you have to perform to transfer the residence tax withheld from your employees’ pay to the local tax offices via financial institutions that act as an intermediate in the payment process. You will create data media that are to be submitted to these banks containing all the information necessary for the bank to transfer the tax.

In the first step you will evaluate the employees’ payroll results and create data files with a payment record for each local tax office within the system. In the second step you will copy the data files to a data medium that can be used for submission of data to the bank.

The data format, the structure and the contents of the payment records in the data files vary among different financial institutions and are determined by the settings in the customizing system. Please refer to Tax forms in the IMG for more detailed information.

Residence tax payment data are usually created at the end of a payroll period as the tax has to be paid to the local tax offices until the 10th of the following month.

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