Running a Wage Ledger for Y.E.A.


You want to run a wage ledger for your employees and the tax office.


  1. Select Evaluation ® Year-end adj. ® Wage ledger
  2. Specify the payroll accounting area or period and year in the Payroll period fields (payroll area/PP/YYYY). The system fills these fields with default values taken from the payroll control record. The payroll accounting area determines the time period, not personnel numbers. You can overwrite the default values.
  3. Specify an individual personnel number or range of personnel numbers in the field Personnel number.
  4. Specify employee’s status in the field Status 2 - employment.
  5. Specify an individual payroll area or range of payroll areas in the field Payroll accounting area.
  6. If you use both the Personnel number and the Payroll accounting area fields, only the employees that match the values in both fields are selected.

  7. Enter the name of the form you set up in the customizing system in the field Form for payroll account.
  8. If necessary, specify an event type or range of event types for hiring in the field Event type for hiring.
  9. Specify an tax office address subtype code where tax statements are to be submitted in the field Official (tax) address.
  10. Select Program ® Execute or alternatively Program ® Execute + print or alternatively Program ® Execute in background.


The wage ledger is executed.