Creating a Payroll Account for Regular SYOYO


  1. Select Lists/statistics ® SYOYO payroll ® Payroll account.
  2. In the block Period, specify a data and person selection period.
  3. As an alternative to using the block Period, you can make entries in the block Payroll Period instead. To do this, choose the payroll period function.

  4. In the block Selection , make an entry either in the field Personnel number or the field Payroll area by specifying an individual value or a range of values.
  5. Enter the name of the form you set up in the customizing system in the field Form for payroll account.
  6. If necessary, set a flag for the indicator Display last result only?. This ensures that retroactive accounting differences are displayed as well as the payroll results that are currently valid.
  7. If necessary, overwrite the default value in the field Number of columns per page. The customary input values range from 0 to 12.
  8. Select Program ® Execute or alternatively Program ® Execute + print or alternatively Program ® Execute in background.


The employee payroll account is created.