Creating a Payroll Journal for Non-Periodical SYOYO


  1. Select Lists/statistics ® NP SYOYO payroll ® Payroll journal.
  2. Specify the payroll accounting area or period and year in the Payroll period fields (payroll area/PP/YYYY). The system fills these fields with default values taken from the payroll control record. The payroll accounting area determines the time period, not personnel numbers. You can overwrite the default values.
  3. Specify an individual personnel number or range of personnel numbers in the field Personnel number.
  4. Specify an individual payroll area or range of payroll areas in the field Payroll accounting area.
  5. If you use both the Personnel number and the Payroll accounting area fields, only the employees that match the values in both fields are selected.

  6. If necessary, change the default values in the field Status 2 - employment.
  7. Field Special Run should be used only with Off-Cycle payroll accounting. For the rightmost field specify A (any other value is not currently supported). For the second field specify N , which indicates non-periodical SYOYO. These two fields are normally preset, when SYOYO processing is selected from the SYOYO menu screen. For the third field, specify the Payment day.
  8. Enter the name of the form you set up in the customizing system in the field Page header, Continuation parameter, Form for Employee data excerpt, and Form for Total block.
  9. If necessary, change the default values in the field WTs without work center split and Only totaling required.
  10. If necessary, change the default values in the field Delimitation sequence.
  11. Select Program ® Execute or alternatively Program ® Execute + print or alternatively Program ® Execute in background.


The employee payroll journal is created.