Creating a Posting Run for Y.E.A.


When a posting run is created, it is assigned an individual number. The values of the wage types used in posting are selected from the payroll results for all specified employees. They are then summarized and written in a posting document along with the assigned account.

The payroll run must be completed successfully for the specified personnel numbers before payroll results can be posted to accounting.


  1. On the payroll screen, choose Subs. Activities ® Per Payroll Period ® Reporting ® Posting to Accounting ® Execute run.
  2. A selection screen appears.

  3. In the Payroll Period group box, enter the Payroll Area and the Period.
  4. Base the reporting sequence for posting to accounting on the sequence of payroll periods. It is usually sufficient to set the current period as the payroll period.

  5. In the Selection group box, enter the Payroll Area(s). If you want to post individual personnel numbers, enter a value in the Personnel Number field instead.
  6. It is helpful if these entries correspond to those for the payroll run.

  7. In the Document Creation field in the General Data group box, specify that you want to create a posting document for a live posting run.
  8. You can only start a live posting run once for each personnel number and each payroll period. If you want to repeat a posting run, you must first delete the existing run.

    However, you can simulate a posting run for the same personnel number in the same period as many times as you wish.

  9. In the Data for Creating Document group box, enter a Posting Variant.
  10. You create posting variants in Customizing under Reporting for Posting Payroll Results to Accounting.

  11. Choose Program ® Execute.

Optional Procedures

The log appears after you have carried out the above-mentioned procedure. All personnel numbers whose payroll results have been evaluated are listed. You can display the wage types selected for reporting for each account category.
The statistics show how many personnel numbers were selected for reporting, and how many were evaluated, rejected or skipped.

Reporting for cost planning:
If you are carrying out this activity for cost planning, you can use posting documents from a live posting run as well as simulation documents. The basic payroll results can also be simulated. To access cost planning, see Calling up Lists of Posting Runs.


If this activity has been performed successfully.



Further results



- All processed payroll results are flagged.

- An index is created containing all processed payroll results. This helps the user to recreate the accounts.

- Posting documents are created and saved in the database.



- An index is created containing all processed payroll results. This helps the user to recreate the accounts.

- Simulation documents are created and saved in the database. These documents cannot be posted.





If an error has occurred:

If an error has occurred in single personnel numbers, a short log is displayed.

After removing the error, you can repeat a simulation run at any time.


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