Reporting for Posting Payroll Results to Accounting for Non-Periodical SYOYO


Reporting for posting payroll results to accounting, otherwise known as posting to accounting, is a subsequent activity that is carried out after a successful payroll run, usually for each period. All posting data is selected from the payroll results, summarized, prepared, and then posted to the integrated components in accounting.

The technical basics of Posting to Accounting and Customizing can be found in the R/3 Library under Personnel Administration and Payroll Accounting ® Payroll ® Technical Basics of Payroll ® Reporting for Posting Payroll Results to Accounting.


Posting to accounting is integrated with the following accounting components:

The accounting components can be set up in the same client as payroll accounting, however it is also possible to create a distributed scenario for the components involved.

Information on setting up Posting to accounting as a distributed system can be found in Customizing under Cross-Application Components ® Distribution (ALE).


The following activities must be carried out when posting data to accounting:

  1. Creating a Check List
  2. Creating a Posting Run for Non-Periodical SYOYO
  3. Editing a Posting Run for Non-Periodical SYOYO
  1. Checking a Posting Run
  2. Checking Posting Documents
  3. Releasing Posting Documents
  4. Posting a Posting Run
  1. Checking the Completeness of the Postings for Non-Periodical SYOYO
  2. Subsequent Activities in Financial Accounting


After the documents have been successfully created, it is still possible to recreate the summarized information in the posting document, also referred to as a document, at any time. This is helpful if a revision is necessary.