Creating a Check List for Non-Periodical SYOYO


We recommend that you regularly generate different check lists for checking the postings to payables accounts. Check lists are created by executing different remuneration statement variants.

It is recommended that you define a list of check lists to be created when setting up the transfer to accounting and create the appropriate variants when you start the Remuneration Statement program.

The check lists usually remain in the personnel department and only the totals are passed on to financial accounting so that the appropriate accounts can be checked.

The following check list variants are frequently used:

The remuneration statement does not take the following information into account:

Consequently, it is not possible to use the check lists to check expense accounts.


  1. Choose Human Resources ® Payroll <country grouping><payroll area> ® Subs. Activities ® Other Periods ® NP SYOYO payroll ® Lists/Statistics ® Wage Type Statement.
  2. In the Payroll Period group box, enter the Payroll Area and the required Period.
  3. To select the personnel numbers, in the Selection group box enter a single value or enter a value range in the Personnel Number, Pers. Area/Subarea/Cost Center and/or Employee Group/Subgroup fields.
  4. When creating the check list and starting to post results to accounting, make sure that the data in the Payroll Period group box corresponds to the data in the Selection group box.

  5. In the Wage Type to be Evaluated field in the Wage Types group box, enter the wage types for which the report is to be run.
  6. Choose Execute.


The system creates a wage type statement in accordance with the specified parameters.

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