Setting or Deleting a Filter for Posting Runs

In accordance with the standard settings, the only posting runs to be displayed are those which have been created but not yet posted. A filter allows you to change the display criteria for the list of posting runs. You can, for example, display all posting runs that have been posted, discarded, or deleted.


You have called up the list of posting runs.

Setting the Filter

  1. Choose Edit ® Set Filter.
  2. In the individual fields, enter the required values.
  3. You can perform the following activities after making one or more entries:

    – Check the entries you have made in a number of fields

    – Determine the selection options for the selected field.

    – Delete the selection character set in the selection options.

    – Delete the entry in a selected field.

  4. Choose Execute.

The posting runs are displayed in a list corresponding to the filter criteria.

Deleting a Filter

If you have set a filter, you can use the following procedure to remove the filter.

You see the posting runs in the list corresponding to your display criteria.