Posting Run


Object for controlling transfer processes: Each time you start the posting to accounting program, a posting run is created with an individual number.


The sub-processes within the Reporting of Payroll Results for Posting to Accounting component, known simply as Posting to Accounting, use the number of the posting run to access the relevant data. A posting run can only be accessed by one process at a time. You can check the order in which the sub-processes access the data in a posting run by looking at the status of the posting run.

All posting documents are assigned to a posting run. If you repeat or simulate Posting to Accounting, only simulation documents are created instead of posting documents. These simulation documents cannot be posted.

The posting run ensures that an employees payroll results are only posted once:

The following activities relate to the list of posting runs or an individual posting run:


Changing the display

Changing the posting run


A posting run has different attributes and has a different status during the reporting process.



Depending on the situation, the status of the posting run can be as follows:



If posting documents have been created successfully

Documents created

If one of the components is installed using a release lower than 4.0A and the reporting of payroll results has been completed successfully

File written

If posting documents containing errors have been created

Incorrect documents

After releasing all documents in a posting run

All documents released

Only if HR, FI, CO, and TR are in separate systems:
After starting the posting of posting documents

Posting triggered

If the posting documents have been posted successfully

Document posted

If an error has occurred during the posting of the posting documents

Not posted

If a posting run has been deleted by the user


There is also a status series for internal use only. If the posting run is terminated a status not described here could also appear in the posting list.