Simulating a Posting Run

You can simulate a posting run for test purposes. If you have to process a large amount of data, you can use a selection of personnel numbers to simulate a posting run before performing a live posting run.

If the payroll run for a period is not yet completed, you can simulate the payroll run and then simulate a posting run.


  1. Carry out the first three steps in the Creating a Posting Run for Retirement Allowance section.
  2. In the Document Creation field in the General Data group box, specify whether you want to create a simulation document. A simulated document can be checked but not posted.
  3. If necessary, select Simulate Payroll. This option should be selected if no payroll results exist for the personnel numbers included in the simulated posting run.
  4. If necessary, select Display Log. You should only select this option if you are simulating a posting run for a small number of personnel numbers.
  5. In the Data for Document creation group box, enter a posting variant.
  6. You create posting variants using Customizing under Reporting for Posting Payroll Results to Accounting.

  7. Choose Program ® Execute.