Social Insurance Activities


This section explains activities related to Social Insurance in Japan.

Social Insurance related activities consist of following sections.

Each section outlines both the concepts and detailed procedures.

Explains activities you have to carry out to administrate employee’s status on Social Insurance and create reports to Social Insurance Office when an employee newly acquires, loses eligibility for Social Insurance or, changes his/her official address.

Explains concepts and functions of SANTEI/GEPPEN in R/3 HR , how to process reporting to Social Insurance Office, and update employee’s master data using batch input.

Explains other irregular events and how to deal with them. e.g. a change in Standard Compensation Table.


See also:

Administration of Employee’s Social Insurance Status

Acquisition of Status

Lost of Status

Transfer (Lost/Acquisition of Status)

Address Change

Other Events

Administration of SANTEI/GEPPEN

General Concept about SANTEI/GEPPEN

Evaluation and Hokensya-Santei

Reporting Process under Non-Tokyo Rule

Reporting Process under Tokyo Rule

Preparation/Reporting Process under Ikkatsu-Tekiyou Rule

Update Master Data for SANTEI/GEPPEN

Activities for Legal Change

Change of Standard Compensation Table

Change Social Insurance Premium Rate