Administration of Employee’s Social Insurance Status


This section explains activities related to administration of employee’s Social Insurance Status.

These activities generally involve registration of employee’s social insurance status in infotypes and creating legal forms to submit to Social Insurance Office (except Other Events ).

R/3 categorizes these activities into following five types.

Each types is outlined with concept as individual section which is followed by detailed procedures

See also:

Acquisition of Status

Registration in Infotype when Acquired

Create Acquisition Form

Create Acquisition Data File

Lost of Status

Registration in Infotype when Lost

Create Lost Form

Create Lost Data File

Transfer (Lost/Acquisition of Status)

Registration in Infotype when Transferred

Create Lost Form

Create Acquisition Form

Address Change

Registration in Infotype when Changed Address

Create Address Change Form

Create Address Change Data File

Other Events

Set Social Insurance Exemption Modifier

Change Social Insurance Deduction Indicator