Create Lost Data File


This section explains how to create Data for reporting employee’s status lost based on the entry you made in the previous section Registration in infotype when lost.

This section should be applied only to branch offices whose Employee’s Pension is under Ikkatsu-Tekiyou.


  1. Select Human resources ® Payroll ® Other periods ® Reporting ® Social Insurance ® Status Administration ® Lost ® Data file.
  2. Specify the date of lost you entered in the previous section (Registration in infotype when lost) in Selection Period.
  3. Enter the date when the Data will be created in FD in FD create date.
  4. Enter the name of SI Administrator if necessary.
  5. Enter the SI modifier of representative office in SI mod Rep..
  6. Execute the process.


Data file is created in Temse with following file name convention, HR_JPSI_yyyy_lst_nnn (yyyy = created year, nnn = sequential no. for FD).

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