Execute SANTEI/GEPPEN Evaluation


This section explains the basic functions of SANTEI/GEPPEN Evaluation, how to execute it, what you have to care after execution.

SANTEI/GEPPEN Evaluation judges employee’s SANTEI/GEPPEN condition and stores the result in Data Base along with all the data necessary for generating reports and batch input files.

For detailed criteria for the evaluation, please refer to the previous section General Concept about SANTEI/GEPPEN.


  1. Select Human resources ® Payroll ® Other periods ® Reporting ® Social Insurance ® S/G Evaluation ® Execute.
  2. Specify a payroll area and period. (Usually the last ones you have just exit)
  3. Specify Test mode or Execution mode.
  4. If necessary, specify Personnel Numbers. (Select option is available)
  5. Execute processing.
  6. Check the log.

SANTEI/GEPPEN Evaluation produces the result for both Health Insurance and Employee’s Pension in a run.

Should there be any warning messages for rejected Employee in the log, it means they are rejected due to inaccurate table settings or Infotype entries. You must correct Table entries/Master Data accordingly and re-execute the evaluation for them. If you ignore the process, these employees will be excluded from subsequent process.

You can check the evaluated result by personnel using Cluster Reference Utility report RPCLSTGJ.