Perform Hokensya-Santei


This section explains the basic functions of Hokensya-Santei and how to execute it.

Hokensya-Santei is possible only after SANTEI/GEPPEN Evaluation of payroll period 07, and you can adjust the data of only those who the SANTEI/GEPPEN Evaluation judged Hokensya-Santei is necessary for.

Hokensya-Santei is composed of two screens, one is a List Screen and the other is a Correction Screen.

On the List Screen, You can See the List of Employee in Following 3 Status:

By double-clicking on the entry, you can jump to the Correction Screen of a selected employee.

On the Correction Screen, You can Enter the Following Fields:

By utilizing the Copy function, you can copy the correction to the other Insurance type.

By pushing the Save Correction button, you can go back to the list screen.

From the List Screen You can Confirm the Correction of all the Employees in the Status of Correction Performed:

Execute Hokensya-Santei

  1. Select Human resources ® Payroll ® Other periods ® Reporting ® Social Insurance ® S/G Evaluation ® Hokensya-Santei.
  2. Specify a year.
  3. If necessary, specify Branch Offices
  4. Execute Processing.
  5. Select an Employee to correct from the list screen.
  6. Correct the data in the correction screen and save the correction.
  7. Repeat process 5 ® 6 until the status of all the employee in the list become Correction Performed.
  8. Review the correction if necessary.
  9. If correction is fine, press Confirm.
  10. Check that the status of all the employees in the list become Correction Confirmed.