SYUKKO Employee’s Payroll Status


This section explains patterns of accounting for SYUKKO employee and how they are realized in the R/3 HR.

General Rule of performing payroll for SYUKKO employee

In the case an employee is transferred to other company and engaged in the business process of accepting company, basically this accepting company is liable for (should bare) the payroll to this employee. Therefore, the accepting company should make payment directory to the employee or accepting company make payment to sending company and then sending company make payment to the employee.

However, the amount of payment made by accepting company to sending company and the actual amount of payment to employee made by sending company may not be the same amount. Such case may occur if there is difference between salary level of sending company and accepting company. And either sending or accepting company bears the such difference part.

So, depending on the agreement between sending and accepting company, following pattern of handling payroll accounting for both temporary transfer SYUKKO IN and temporary transfer SYUKKO OUT is possible.

Supported pattern of payroll accounting for SYUKKO employee in R/3 HR

In the standard R/3 HR Japan module, following two patterns are supported.

In the case of performing payroll at both sending and accepting company, one of the payroll becomes withholding by "Secondary payroll", and income tax has to be calculated as "Otsu" type. (Income tax for "Primary payroll" is calculated as "Kou" type.) Currently, this "Otsu" type income tax calculation is NOT supported.

Controlling pattern of payroll accounting with payroll status for SYUKKO employee

Controlling how SYUKKO employee’s payroll accounting should be done is rather simple. This can be done by setting "" indicator in the infotype 0003 Payroll Status of SYUKKO employee.

At sending company side :

At accepting company side :