Repayment Plan



The repayment plan provides information about following data in repayment process in two kinds of ways.

R/3 Interface (display mode)

Basic data



Fields in repayment plan:

The first two fields indicate the corresponding repayment period. The rate means interest rate on current month. The Syoyo is the indicator for Syoyo repayment. Deduction is the amount which should be deducted from employees salary. And interest and principal is included in the deduction. Balance is a planned balance in this plan. Support is an interest support from company in loans with a third institution.

Excel interface (logical one)

Basic data: the same as Display mode

In the EDIT mode, Excel is used as a user interface to enable you to maintain repayment plan directly. The calculation logic in Excel sheet helps you in repayment planning. Additionally repayment plan is divided into Monthly part and Syoyo part.