Changing Loans


You need to make changes. This means that a new data record must be created for Infotype 0045 Company Loans. But Sequential number should be the same.

By creating a new record with changed loan values, the old record is delimited.

If more than one data record exists for a loan in a payroll period, the record that is valid at the beginning of the period is evaluated within payroll accounting. Please don’t change Loan payment date, Repayment date, Loan amount and calculated part in repayment plan.


  1. Select Human resources ® Personnel management ® Administration ® Maintain master data.
  2. Enter the employee's personnel number.
  3. Enter 0045 in the field Infotype and the loan type that must be changed in the field Subtype.
  4. Activate the function Copy.
  5. If data has been created for more than one loan, use the scroll function to select the loan you want to copy.
  6. Correcting data on Infotype screen and change valid date.
  7. Create repayment plan via Repayment plan (see Changing repayment plan).
  8. Save your entries.


A time-dependent change is made to the loan. A new data record is created and the old data record is delimited.