Payment and Repayment of Loans



Approving a loan does not lead automatically to its payment. Instead, loan payments must be explicitly released via Infotype 0078 Loan Payments. More than one payment can be carried out at different times for a single loan, such as for a building loan where a partial amount is paid at the beginning of each new stage of construction. Infotype 0078 Loan Payments can only be used to pay loans which have already been created via Infotype 0045 Company Loans.

It is also possible to effect a repayment of an entire loan or part of a loan. Infotype 0078 Loan Payments also enables you to carry out special and complete repayments.


The payment type is retrieved via the subtype. The payment types in the standard delivery system are fixed and cannot be changed using the customizing system. The standard delivery system includes the following payment types:

Payment types

Type Description

0100 Loan payment (external)

0150 Loan payment (payroll)

0200 Special repayment (external)

0250 Special repayment (payroll)

0300 Loan balance transfer

External repayment and external payment mean that the amount is not withheld from, or paid together with, net pay. Instead, the repayment or payment is effected separately, such as by bank transfer, check or in cash.

Infotype 0045 Company Loans displays the total loan amount once the loan payment data has been entered.

The external number is taken from the values entered for Infotype 0045 Company Loans.

The payroll program uses the date of the payment to determine the payroll period in which the payment becomes effective.

The following information can be entered in Infotype 0078 Loan Payments:

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