Special Repayment


An employee wants to make an unscheduled loan repayment. This is possible via an external special repayment. An external special repayment can be carried out by check, cash payment, etc. Pay premiums can be used to effect a special repayment via payroll accounting. Additionally, if repayment process continued, it’s necessary adjust the repayment plan.

There are two ways to changing repayment plan in special repayment. One is so-called Period-shortened. Because repayment plan is changed as if repayment periods are skipped. The other is so-called Condition changed. Because there is no change of repayment period but only change of balance.


  1. Choose Human resources ® Personnel management ® Administration ® Maintain master data.
  2. Enter the employee's personnel number.
  3. Select Infotype 0078 Loan Payments and specify the appropriate payment type in the field Subtype.
  4. Activate the function Create.
  5. Specify the loan that must be processed in the field Loan type and the number pertaining to the loan in the field Sequential number. You must also enter the Date of payment and Amount of repayment.
  6. Save your entries.

Don’t forget to maintain infotype 0045 and repayment plan.


A special repayment or complete repayment is released.