Managing, Checking and Evaluating Loan Data



Loan management activities consist not just of calculating and paying the amount of a loan, but also of checking the repayment installments and outstanding debts.

Loan management is carried out within payroll accounting and is supported by reporting functions.

Wage type for each loan record:

/LBD Taxed interest rate adv.

/LEE Special repayment - external

/LEP Special repayment - payroll

/LID Interest due

/LIS Interest support

/LOE Loan payment - external

/LOP Loan payment - payroll

/LRP Regular repayment

/LTE Transfer Loan balance (for old loans i.e. loans issued to employees before the implementation of the SAP system)

Wage type for payroll:

/543 Amount of loan net deduction in monthly payroll

/S21 Amount of loan net deduction in Syoyo payroll